The Bride

Been a little too long since I've updated this blog. Hopefully I can get a more efficient process down of sharing my art on the web. Just a little bit about this piece. I like the Universal Monsters and visually they are just too classic to not respond to. The scratch make-up effects these creators did back then are stunning and so I just wanted to try my hand at these characters. Here's The Bride in all her magnificent glory.

'The Bride'
Watercolor + Colored Pencils
140lb Cold Press
18in x 7in

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gruppler said...

You should put your art on Google+; there are a lot of photographers using it to share their work and get feedback. Since it uses Picasa as its photo service, it's really easy to share stuff. That's my suggestion for finding an efficient process for web sharing.

P.S. Hope you're doing well.