Something I was trying out to see how I felt about using watercolor and pencil together in a way I hadn't before. Continuous line work and color palette were definitely some specific choices that make this a little different for me. Might try out some more ideas like this.


Something from the other day. Wanted to try some techniques out and explore some other ideas than what I'm used to doing.




I hate redoing artwork...period!! Don't know why, but it drives me nuts. So I had one of those awesome days where I tried to paint a little different than what I'm used to and it turned out gross. So, I'm redoing my concept in a medium/style that I'm a little more familiar with for now (see above progress pic.) I guess, at least I'm trying.




My own comic book

I'm seriously considering it, but not sure if I have what it takes. As usual with most things I think about, I already fail in my mind when I haven't even tried. Sounds pretty silly but it's an all too common human struggle. There is an element of fear that holds us back. Let's see if I can break that. Oh and the above piece is a possible page 1.