Venom Evolution

Something I made this morning...the evolution of Venom. Always fun to draw this character.


Comic stuff...

So to get ready for my somewhat annual summer trip to the Chicago Comic Con, I've been trying to draw comic characters to refresh my skills. It's going okay so far, but I hope to get a lot more practice in before mid August gets here. Here are some drawings of one style or approach to these characters that might work for the con. The lesser known "giant green guy" was for my boy D who grew up reading Savage Dragon!


JOKER 1920

A new comic related piece I'm starting. Trying to convey a different style and image of the Joker. We've seen so many interpretations of this character and so I wanted to try my hand at a different version for me. I found some older photos in a photography book a while back and scanned a bunch in for future reference material. Well, looks like a couple of them are coming in handy now. Hopefully this turns out like how I want it to, but I thought I've give the old sneak peek anyway. Basically going for a 20's era Joker. Little stylish and yet obviously something wrong.

Update 1.0 – Added in some crime scene reports and photo to try out some concepts on what I'd like the finished piece to look like. Just visualizing.



Started the process of switching gears a bit for the Chicago Comic Con coming up in August that I'll be attending with my boy Drew Jones in artist alley. Basically for those who have no idea what this is, it's basically a big nerd convention and the artist area is for professionals and amateurs alike. We set up at a table and sell originals pieces, prints and take commissions for those interested in our work. It's always a blast and I really enjoy it.

Anyway, I'd really like to have some new work at the con and so I'm trying to complete a list of comic related pieces to have for the show. Started with this Venom piece yesterday and it came about pretty easy which was nice. I was jammin' to some White Stripes while working on this and so I was inspired to just go with the red, black and white color palette. Hope you like.


Working Factory

Something else in process. Trying my hand at a smaller yet very widescreen painitng of an old industrial factory setting. I've always liked old factory photos and just old machines in general. Something very cool about it. So here is my painting so far. Enjoy.


jbot 07112010

This piece actually started out as a late night rough and I had no idea where it was going. Never thought I would have kept working on it but this is what came about. Sort of basically a jbot that has defeated a large robot. Messed around with some mixed media techniques in this. There are a couple little new things I'm trying out to incorporate in my art and this piece shows some of this. More to come.


painting pt.2

Still working on this. Not feelin' it at times and I know it's because I'm just not that comfortable with building up paint and just controlling color in general. However, I have to grow and working through this will only make me better. It's coming along and I hope to finish it by next weekend. Probably have about 6-8 hrs in it I guess. I've never been good at keeping track of time I put into my work, but that's my best guess. When I'm painting or drawing, time seems to be irrelevant.



Some in process work here of me trying to paint. Rarely do I use only acrylics and double rarely do I actually build up my paint. I'm more of a wash kind of guy. So basically I'm trying to stretch myself a little here. I'm also trying to free up a bit with my brush work, but not sure if it's working yet. Hope to keep plugging away at this one.


jbot 07022010

Started to mess around with some techniques. This piece is on an 8"x8" cradled gesso board. I basically sketched out the robot on a canson charcoal type paper with some tooth to it. Then glued that paper to the board, added some acrylic paints to the piece and put a heavy gloss varnish over the whole piece. I like how it turned out. Sort of reminds me of a "mug shot" for a robot or like a death photo from the old west? Hope you like and I hope to continue to keep working on more ideas during this extended weekend.