Sketchbook 2009 008 COLOR

Finished this up pretty quickly this morning. Just digital color in Photoshop.


Sketchbook 2009 008

Fit one in before the work day was over. Might try to color this one...probably digitally?!?

Sketchbook 2009 007

Just trying to break away from some of the norm for me. Not like this sort of concept hasn't been seen before...but it is a bit of a departure for me. Had fun drawing it though. What's funny about this piece is it reminds me of how much I like drawing arms and hands...and not legs and feet! haHA!

Sketchbook 2009 006

Definitely a little frustrated right now. I'm only spending any time creating art in my sketchbook. Don't get me wrong, I love sketching...especially since it is more spontaneous and quick. I tend to lean towards the immediate with my art anyway. I can get bored very quickly when creating art. It's definitely hard for me to work on a piece and actually give it some time. Usually if I step away from a piece for more than a couple days I pretty much consider it dead.

Okay...just had to get some of THAT out there. This piece eerily ended up looking like Carmen Sandiego?!? but of course a robot version of her. Oh well...I just wanted to sketch something a little more sexy than normal.


Sketchbook 2009 005

Fit one more into today...barely. Smudging some pencil, which is pretty rare for me. I don't like being dirty.

Sketchbook 2009 004

This sketchbook entry is more like a loose gesture drawing to me. Just wanted to draw more of the figure. Hopefully I'll post some other art here soon that will not be from my sketchbook and/or will be a different subject matter.


Sketchbook 2009 003

This guy made his way barely into the sketchbook today. Playing around with line work and using these cool gray markers more in my sketching.


Sketchbook 2009 002

So...even though this sketch is a little older, I wanted to share it because it's a new idea. Basically I want to do a jbot zombie. I'm sure I'm not the first person to ever think of a robot zombie...or a zobot© jeremy sorrell...haha, but I want to explore this concept a bit more. I really like dark color and gritty texture in my art and so this idea should fit perfectly, right?


Sketchbook 2009 001

This particular sketch started with me focusing on a new head shape of the bot. Basically this guy doesn't really have any kind of jaw. Then as I started to rough the rest in he sort of looked cool just sitting there. I used my traditional Uni-Ball VISION ELITE micro .5mm black pen and then some COPIC 3, 5 and 7 Cool Gray markers.


Sketchbook 2009

I'm choosing to start sharing my sketchbook entries on a fairly regular basis (or so I hope) I'll also try to speak more about my art as well.

Thanks for looking.