Sketchbook 2009 006

Definitely a little frustrated right now. I'm only spending any time creating art in my sketchbook. Don't get me wrong, I love sketching...especially since it is more spontaneous and quick. I tend to lean towards the immediate with my art anyway. I can get bored very quickly when creating art. It's definitely hard for me to work on a piece and actually give it some time. Usually if I step away from a piece for more than a couple days I pretty much consider it dead.

Okay...just had to get some of THAT out there. This piece eerily ended up looking like Carmen Sandiego?!? but of course a robot version of her. Oh well...I just wanted to sketch something a little more sexy than normal.


Savannah said...

I almost forgot how amazlingly talented you are. I'm actratced to the unfinished look of sketches. These are really good.

John Q. Pubic said...

I really like this one a lot. The robots are great, but you are very good at faces too.