BETWEEN THE LINES | Rivet Gallery | Opening February 4th, 7-10pm

Hope to see you there. I will be selling the first order of my sketchbook at the show. I also plan to draw in them while at the show as each book comes signed with an original sketch in it.

Here is the link to preview the show http://rivetart.com/preview/get_preview?i_show=58


Zombie Batman

Never been much of an oil paint kind of guy, but I recently purchased some of the water mixable oil paints. This Batman painting is the first thing I've painted with these oils and it turned out better than I expected. Looking to get into more oil based work when I can.

'Zombie Batman'
Artisan Water Mixable Oils
Ampersand Claybord
9in x 12in


The Bride

Been a little too long since I've updated this blog. Hopefully I can get a more efficient process down of sharing my art on the web. Just a little bit about this piece. I like the Universal Monsters and visually they are just too classic to not respond to. The scratch make-up effects these creators did back then are stunning and so I just wanted to try my hand at these characters. Here's The Bride in all her magnificent glory.

'The Bride'
Watercolor + Colored Pencils
140lb Cold Press
18in x 7in





your move

Other than pen, India ink and brush, watercolor is probably my favorite to work with.



the chill of winter has officially made it's way into my bones and so even my nerd drawings are feeling it


come play

he just needs a friend
acrylic. ink. pencil. 8in x 17in illustration board.


It's me.

It's amazing how lonely I can feel here, yet at the same time be fulfilled. My workspace, like my art, is uniquely mine. It's me.

I strive for perfection here. This is where I fight myself and yes I lose from time to time. It can be about the struggle for me. Pushing through those moments of doubt and fear in order for my vision to come through. It's a mess, but it's my mess. It's me.

This image allows for me to see myself. This is my mirror. I'm there in my art. Flaws. To be honest that's what I usually see. It's just that little bit that isn't quite right. We all see these flaws, in ourselves and in each other. I wish I'd see them as differences myself. My workspace is different. I'm different. Hopefully my art is different. It's me.

I still try to fit in. I even nudged a couple of things before taking this photo. I couldn't just let you see the real me. As if I'm ashamed of who I am. I know I'm not perfect, but I know I'm loved. That should be enough, right? I want you to see the best in me and certainly not the worst. It's all there though for you to see. Just like everyone else. It's me.



Listen To Her

I find more often than not I need to be a better listener. So I made this.


Haven't really explored an angular approach to robots yet and this piece is starting to do it. Not sure how I feel about my McDonald's color scheme though. I guess I'm diggin' bright colors lately.



Went for a vintage robot feel to this. Not my usual offering when it comes to robots, but definitely more kid friendly. Had way more fun finishing this than I expected. Mainly because this was more challenging to create than what I'm used to. However, that's what makes you grow as an artist and after this piece...I'm just a little more grown up.

(don't worry, I'll always be a kid at heart)


Happy Halloween



This came about yesterday and I finished it up today as an idea for a comic book. Sort of a film noir take on zombies...or something like that?


been a while

here is something I just finished. trying out some techniques as usual and this piece came about from an old sketchbook entry I found the other day.



Something I was trying out to see how I felt about using watercolor and pencil together in a way I hadn't before. Continuous line work and color palette were definitely some specific choices that make this a little different for me. Might try out some more ideas like this.


Something from the other day. Wanted to try some techniques out and explore some other ideas than what I'm used to doing.




I hate redoing artwork...period!! Don't know why, but it drives me nuts. So I had one of those awesome days where I tried to paint a little different than what I'm used to and it turned out gross. So, I'm redoing my concept in a medium/style that I'm a little more familiar with for now (see above progress pic.) I guess, at least I'm trying.




My own comic book

I'm seriously considering it, but not sure if I have what it takes. As usual with most things I think about, I already fail in my mind when I haven't even tried. Sounds pretty silly but it's an all too common human struggle. There is an element of fear that holds us back. Let's see if I can break that. Oh and the above piece is a possible page 1.




Knocked this one out pretty quick the other night while waiting for some paint to dry. Honestly just wanted to use a brush and some India ink...love that stuff! Then acrylic paints got all up in there somehow and turned out decent with some color.


3 fly

Just another conceptual idea...poster, cover, print, whatever. Just trying some things out.




Poster idea I sketched out this morning and ended up taking it further. Pulled some reference for the bike online. Drew it up with a tech pen. Tried my best to not use rulers but had to use circle templates just a little. I'm planning on doing more ideas like this and will post here for sure. Oh and I rode my bicycle about 16mi today which is a lot for me considering I've barely touched the poor thing now that I have a motorcycle.




Whew...made it back safe and sound (maybe not so sound) from a nice convention. It's good to be back home and be working on some new stuff. Really hoping to get some good ideas on paper this week. In the meantime here is another square painting that is part of a series. The scan is showing some of the gloss varnish as highlights, just in case you wonder what those reflection looking spots were.

Also, wanted to thank all who stopped by my table this weekend at the Chicago Comic Con. I had a good time and appreciate all the support. I'm doing my best to get more work done and focusing on some projects that I'll definitely post about here.



Jokes on me

Finally finished this piece! Took it in a little different direction when compared to the concept, but still close. I have to thank Cory for helping supply the crime scene photography and assets. His collection is insane and his work is great: please check out his blog.

I will have prints available to purchase directly from me after the Chicago Comic Con show this weekend. I'm printing with archival inks on an Epson Velvet Fine Art paper (great stuff) Overall size is 13"x19" with the image area being 10"x14"

Price is $30 (includes shipping)

Feel free to email me if interested thejbots@gmail.com


Venom Evolution

Something I made this morning...the evolution of Venom. Always fun to draw this character.


Comic stuff...

So to get ready for my somewhat annual summer trip to the Chicago Comic Con, I've been trying to draw comic characters to refresh my skills. It's going okay so far, but I hope to get a lot more practice in before mid August gets here. Here are some drawings of one style or approach to these characters that might work for the con. The lesser known "giant green guy" was for my boy D who grew up reading Savage Dragon!


JOKER 1920

A new comic related piece I'm starting. Trying to convey a different style and image of the Joker. We've seen so many interpretations of this character and so I wanted to try my hand at a different version for me. I found some older photos in a photography book a while back and scanned a bunch in for future reference material. Well, looks like a couple of them are coming in handy now. Hopefully this turns out like how I want it to, but I thought I've give the old sneak peek anyway. Basically going for a 20's era Joker. Little stylish and yet obviously something wrong.

Update 1.0 – Added in some crime scene reports and photo to try out some concepts on what I'd like the finished piece to look like. Just visualizing.



Started the process of switching gears a bit for the Chicago Comic Con coming up in August that I'll be attending with my boy Drew Jones in artist alley. Basically for those who have no idea what this is, it's basically a big nerd convention and the artist area is for professionals and amateurs alike. We set up at a table and sell originals pieces, prints and take commissions for those interested in our work. It's always a blast and I really enjoy it.

Anyway, I'd really like to have some new work at the con and so I'm trying to complete a list of comic related pieces to have for the show. Started with this Venom piece yesterday and it came about pretty easy which was nice. I was jammin' to some White Stripes while working on this and so I was inspired to just go with the red, black and white color palette. Hope you like.


Working Factory

Something else in process. Trying my hand at a smaller yet very widescreen painitng of an old industrial factory setting. I've always liked old factory photos and just old machines in general. Something very cool about it. So here is my painting so far. Enjoy.